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Austin M. Frederick

If you have read some of my other blog posts, you can tell by now that I have a passion for the Winnebago County Courthouse. I work for the county maintenance department and it’s one of the buildings that I regularly work in. My supervisor, a super-awesome guy that cares about historical preservation as much as I do, has me working on polishing the brass in the building–cornices, mail chutes, elevator doors, door hardware, etc. We have also secured an original courthouse light fixture that was removed years ago. It will be going back up in the lobbywhere it belongs sometime in the near future.

IMG_3418 Courthouse Light I Have Restored

I’ve gained somewhat of a reputation at work and with friends for being obsessed with the building. It’s such a beautiful building constructed during the Great Depression in the midst of a county-wide controversy–more on that later! It’s also one…

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Winnebago County Courthouse Preservation: Part I

Have you been to the county courthouse lately?!

Austin M. Frederick

Winnebago County Courthouse 1938 Winnebago County Courthouse 1938

I’ve been keeping myself busy these past few months with all sorts of historical projects and am finally getting a chance to blog again. I would say a lot of people out there go to work, put in their time, and punch out at the end of the day. Lately, my line of work has me clocking in volunteer hours after work–but I am ecstatic about it!

I have been working hard to help with some historic preservation of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Ever since starting work with the county, I’ve fallen in love with this Art Deco monument. It was built during the Great Depression without federal or state relief funds and cost nearly 1 million dollars. You have to step inside to take in the style and beauty of a different era.

One of the items on our “To Do” list is locating some…

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Universal Motor Company- Oshkosh, Wis

Austin M. Frederick

UMC jpg

Until moving to Oshkosh a few years ago, I never realized how industrial this city used to be. From what I have been told, Oshkosh was considered the second city in Wisconsin,  behind Milwaukee. Dominated by the lumber industry, the shores of the Fox River were packed with mills and other industrial firms.  Three major railroad lines ran through the city and serviced many firms that built next to its tracks. But, like Milwaukee, hard times hit Oshkosh and businesses closed or moved out.

The urban landscape of Oshkosh has changed and continues to change.The mills that crowded the shores of the Fox River have been demolished to make room for parks, university buildings, or turned into luxury condominiums. Old railroad lines through town have disappeared or turned into hiking trails. Formal industrial firms stand hollow along what used to be these railroad lines. Traveling down Harrison Street…

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