Month: June 2015

Longfellow School Stone



Longfellow School (Photo Courtesy of Dan Radig)

Longfellow School once stood at 562 Grove Street in Oshkosh. The building was designed by Oshkosh architect William Waters and named after American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Construction of the new school was awarded to C.R. Meyer & Sons of Oshkosh. The school was expected to be completed by the end of 1914, at which time the Frentz School would be closed.

The new school was equipped with electric lighting, a steam boiler heating system, gas lines, drinking fountain, and a central vacuum system. Longfellow School opened for instruction in February 1915. Children from grades K-5 were taught here until 1981 when the school was closed. In 1983, the school was demolished to make a parking lot for Mercy Hospital directly north of the school.


Longfellow School lintel today

The last remnant of the old Longfellow School is the lintel that once adorned the Grove Street entrance of the school. It now lies in the ground along the sidewalk near the site of the old school on Grove Street. Our historical society is currently looking into options to preserve this piece of the school. The stone is cracked in spots and overgrown with grass and debris, so we must devise a plan that will be safe and do no further damage. We will continue to update you as we progress on this project.

Did you go to Longfellow School? When did you attend, and what are some of your memories of the old school?